Biomodics is an innovative Danish company focused on the development of medical devices that can prevent hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Biomodics started as a spin-out from the large Danish technological company NKT in 2009. Located at the Danish Technology Institute near Copenhagen, DK, the company has build up a strong patent portfolio of new technologies with great promise in the development of new biofilm-resistant medical devices and drug delivery solutions. Biomodics also specialises in using supercritical CO2, for applications such as purification, extraction and sterilisation. The company has patented the IPN  technology for urinary balloons, sensors and for central venous grafts.


Venair is an engineering company founded in 1986 that  specialises in the design and manufacturing of hoses and special pieces in silicone. The company was expert in the creation of high quality elastomers, offering solutions for fluid flow where there are vibrations. system movement or a need for custom flexibility. It has 28 commercial offices and 3 factories strategically distributed in America, Europe and Asia. Venair operates in several demanding markets: food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, military, nautical, aerospace and energy generation. Amongst its clients are Nestlé, Coca Cola, Sanofi and Loreal.


 Odense University Hospital (OUH) is one of the four university hospitals in Denmark.  Is one of the largest education and training centres in the South Denmark Region, and they have close collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark.

The urology research unit has decades of experience in urology research, and has been collaborating in testing UCs in porcine models with Biomodics for over a year.


ONYRIQ is a customer oriented R&D company in the field of polymeric materials, formed by a team with more than 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of both national and international research projects. Their aim is to develop and bring to market, together with our customers, new products that positively impact all over the society, throughout a comprehensive and tailored process adapted to the needs of our clients. Due to the versatility of polymeric materials, their activity targets a wide range of markets, being able to display projects related to diverse sectors such as aerospace, prosthetics & health, agro & food or additive manufacturing, among others.